Laryngeal, Intubating, Visualizing, Ventilating and Extubation Device

LIVVE-Angle facing right
EMS World Award 2023


Laryngeal, Intubating, Visualizing, Ventilating and Extubation Device

EMS World Award 2023

The first single use, fully disposable, non-inflatable laryngeal mask airway incorporating a camera channel for continued visualization.

  • Soft, non-inflatable laryngeal airway mask
  • Camera lumen for utilization of camera or bronchoscope of choice
  • Integrated ramp to assist size 9.0 or less endotracheal tube placement
  • Removable ventilating tube to allow endotracheal tube intubation or supraglottic ventilation while under continued visualization
  • Open gastric channel for placement and removal of an oral gastric tube 18 gauge or below

Available in 2 adult sizes:
Size 3.5: 55 kg (121 lbs) – 90 kg (198 lbs)
Size 4.5: > 90 kg (> 198 lbs)


  • Allows for placement and correction of placement under real time visualization.

  • Ability to extubate into a laryngeal airway mask and rapidly reintubate under continued vision.

  • Ability to use the endotracheal tube as a ventilating supraglottic device.

  • Ability to ventilate during intubation and extubation while under continued vision.

  • Minimal learning curve for use. The bronchoscope comes along for the ride. The LIVVE™ does all the work.

  • Also engineered for blind placement and intubation without a camera.

LIVVE-Facing Left 2

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