A Brief History

As a practicing anesthesiologist, TOAD’s founder has recognized that the path to positive solutions has become overly complicated and wondered if there was a better way.

Wanting to attain the best outcome for every patient, he was driven to make airway management simpler and safer for all people who rescue and maintain an open airway. He gathered a team and together they set out to bring this vision to life. What started as merely an idea has evolved into the airway management company TOAD™ is today.

doctor in surgery
surgeon with machine

The Current Problem

If we apply the Aristotelian first principle, we can deduce that a pardigm shift needs to happen to achieve better outcomes in airway management. We all have heard the decreasing pitch of a pulse oximeter during intubation, but with all the advancements in modern medicine, why does this still occur? Obviously with our current techniques we are not ventilating appropriately while performing intubation. This could lead to increased morbidity and mortality to our patients. Logically, if we can visualize and ventilate during placement of a device this should lessen the chance of hypoxemia.

Why can’t we have a device that allows for continued visualization during placement, ventilation and intubation?

In first principle thinking, this would be the obvious and would add layers of safety to both patients and medical providers.

The Need for the Next Evolution

Some devices we use today have been around a long time, in fact much longer than we may think. Most global industries have changed their tools, technology and methodologies many times over the past decades. We wonder why the airway management space has not made any major leaps for improvement.

Let’s put this into perspective:

vintage cars


The “modern” Macintosh laryngoscope blade was introduced.

casette tape


The Laryngeal Mask Airway was invented by Archie Brain.



Introduction of the first video laryngoscope.

The above images are a visual reminder of just how much time has gone by since most devices and methodologies we use today have been improved upon.

This has impact on so many spaces:

• Emergency Rooms
• Operating Rooms
• Intensive Care Units
• First Response/EMS
• Radiology

• Surgery Centers
• Crash Carts
• Sedation Procedural Rooms
• Military / VA
• Dental Oral Surgery

The Power of TOAD™

The need for an everyday, simple rescue airway device that easily establishes ventilation is immeasurable and of immense importance. Simple to use, the TOAD™ products open that door and empower practitioners with new rescue skills not presently available. The ability to blindly intubate or add a flexible camera to provide visualized placement adds layers of safety to both patient and organizations.

power of toad

Not all airway scenarios are created equal and airway management involves a continuum of circumstances each requiring a different pathway. TOAD™ devices allow for engagement of every step of this continuum at any given time: ventilation, visualization, intubation, extubation and verification.

We believe having the versatility of TOAD™ products in your hands for routine intubations will create a new algorithm of practice and preparedness for when the most difficult airway situations occur.

Our Mission

Simplify Airway Management
Make Airway Devices Simpler, Safer and Easier to Learn
Improve Safety and Outcomes
Empower Those That Help Others