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TOAD products

Intubation for the 21st Century

TOAD™ devices are based on simple airway equipment already familiar to healthcare providers today. With the ability to provide continued visualization during ventilation, intubation and extubation, we believe our products provide an unprecedented level of safety and control.



Laryngeal, Intubating, Visualizing, Ventilating & Extubation Device

BigMouth OA

Big Mouth™ Oral Airway

with Balloon

Bougie Stylet

Bougie Stylet



Laryngeal, Intubating, Visualizing, Ventilating & Extubation Device
physician in scrubs

Who is TOAD™?

TOAD™ is an airway management company with products invented by an anesthesiologist. We are driven to make airway management simpler and safer for all people who rescue and maintain an open airway.

In the world of airway management, the path to positive solutions has become overly complicated. We believe our products will introduce an easier, more efficient approach to achieve better results. TOAD™ strives to attain the best outcome for every patient.

Our Mission

Simplify Airway Management
Make Airway Devices Simpler, Safer and Easier to Learn
Improve Safety and Outcomes
Empower Those That Help Others


We believe continued visualization is the new frontier in providing greater safety and improved outcomes.


Increased information between patient and professional creates a safer airway management environment.


Lowering the difficulty of the learning curve reduces the skill set needed to save a life.

In Focus


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Ideal Qualities of Airway Management Devices & Systems


The Inventor’s Point of View


The Significance of the Laryngeal Airway Mask in Airway Management