Bougie Stylet

Bougie Stylet-Angle facing right

Bougie Stylet

Adult flexible stylet with a central bougie port that helps slide a 6.5 mm or greater standard endotracheal tube over the bougie and through the vocal cords for intubation.

  • Intended for use with video laryngoscopes and standard adult laryngoscopes to maintain visualization throughout placement
  • Combines the benefits of a stylet with the advantage of placing a bougie, assisting standard and difficult intubations


  • Incorporates the benefits of both a stylet and bougie all in one device.

  • Slim profile helps with ease of placement.

  • Used in combination with standard/video laryngoscopes.

  • Can be used in combination with other TOAD™ products.

Bougie Stylet-Facing Left

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